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Author: Marion Casey

Publication Year: 1993

Journal Volume: 07

Article Reference: NYIHR-V07-06

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A Visit To St.Raymonds Cemetery, Bronx, NewYork 7 June 1992

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In January 1903, Patrick Parker purchased four graves in St. Raymond's Cemetery for $125. St. Raymond's opened in 1844 and is one of the largest parish cemeteries in the U.S. _23 Vol. 7, 1992-93. _New York Irish History Thomas Brennan was a native of Dublin and a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He came to NYC following the Fenian uprising of 1867 and participated in the rescue of six Fenian prisoners from Freemantle, Australia by the Catalpa in 1876. NYIHR member Barney Kelly recounted a forgotten part of Fr. Francis P. Duffy's life for us. Before his fame as pastor of Holy Cross parish and chaplin of the 69th regiment during WWI, Fr. Duffy was Professor of Philosophy at St.

Joseph's Seminary in Dunwoodie. While there he helped start The New York Review in 1905, a bi-monthly magazine which re-examined theology in light of contemporary scientific and historical research. By 1908, the Review's Modernist slant attracted Vatican scrutiny and eventually its publication was halted. Fr. Duffy's unorthodoxy eventually led to his resignation from teaching and transfer to pastoral work.

James Morrison was a famous Sligo fiddler who settled in NYC in 1918. He was not only an inspired soloist, but the leader of a popular dance band with whom he made many fine recordings between 1921 and 1936. He was a/so an influential music teacher who tutored hundreds of Irish American young people in the city.

BELOVED HUSBAND - AND DEAR FATHER (ICHAEL J. CQtEMAN BELOVED M 96 MARY Michael Coleman was the premier Irish fiddler of his day. He emigrated to NYC in 1914 and eventually cut dozens of 78 rpm disks for a variety of American record companies. These made a stunning impression on both sides of the Atlantic, with musicians adopting the style and repertoire of Coleman's native Sligo as their own. 24