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Author: New York Irish History Roundtable

Publication Year: 1990-91

Journal Volume: 05

Article Reference: NYIHR-V05-09

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The New York Irish Book Project Update

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THE NEW YORK IRISH Book Project Update Ruth-Ann Harris of Northeastern University and Angela Carter, NYIHR, recipients of the Irish American Cultural Institute's 1990 Irish Research Awards with Paul Gillespie, Kevin Morrissey. James Leahy, Daithi O Ceallaigh and John P. Walsh.

NYIHR Corresponding Secretary Angela M. Carter accepted the Irish Research Fund Award from Irish American Cultural Institute Chairman John P. Walsh in a presentation at the home of Irish Consul General Daithi O Ceallaigh on January 15, 1991. The $7,500 award is to help fund the research travel expenses of scholars commissioned to write essays for The New York Irish book. In making this award to the Roundtable, the IACI commented that the project's "excellence at every level-conception, pertinence, and contributors-makes it clearly the outstanding proposal to be funded this year." Project editors Ronald H. Bayor and Timothy J. Meagher have been at work since the Spring of 1990. Ron Bayor is Professor of History, Department of History, Technology, and Society at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He is the editor of the Journal of American Ethnic History and the author of, among others, Neighbors in Conflict The Irish, Germans, Jews and Italians of New York City, 1929-1941. Tim Meagher is a Program Officer at the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, DC. He is a scholar of Irish America with a special interest in Worcester, MA and is the editor of From Paddy to Studs: Irish American Communities in the Turn of the Century Era, 1880-1920 and of Urban American Catholicism: The Culture and Identity of the American Catholic People.

In August 1990, the editors convened a meeting of the projects Advisory Board to consider over sixty proposals which were submitted in response to a national call for papers. The foDowing scholars and topics were commissioned, and essays are due by March 1st, 1992: COLONIAL NEW YORK 1664-1783 Leo Hershkowitz, Queens College, CUNY: Overview Essay Joyce D. Goodfriend, University of Denver "The Irish in Colonial New York City" EARLY AMERICA 1783-1844 David N. Doyle, University College Dublin: Overview Essay Martin Burke, University of Chicago "United Irish Emigres and Irish Community and Culture, 1797 to 1840" Amy Bridges, University of California, San Diego "The New brk School Controversy and the Irish Community" Paul Gilje, University of Oklahoma "The Making of an Irish Community, 1790 to 1820" THE GREAT MIGRATION 1844-1877 Hasia R. Diner, University of Maryland: Overview Essay William Devlin, New Yoik Irish History Roundtable "Irish in New brk's Men's Clothing Industry" Graham Hodges, Colgate University "Irish Domestics and Laborers: Class, Ethnicity and Gender as a Focus of Analysis, 1825 to 1870" Allen Kraut, American University "Immigrant Illness and Medical Care among the New York Irish" John Kuo Wei Tchen, Queens College, C.U.N.Y. "Anglo-Irish-Chinese Relations in New York City" Edward Spann, Indiana State University "The Irish and the Civil War" THE TURN OF THE CENTURY 1877-1914 Lawrence McCaffrey, Loyola University, Chicago: Overview Essay Daniel Czitrom, Mount Holyoke College "'Big Tim' Sullivan and the Politics of Culture and Social Reform" Colleen McDannell, The University of Utah "Popular Religious Belief and Practice Among New 'Vbrk's Irish Catholics" John R. McKivigan & Thomas Robertson, West Virginia University "The Irish American Worker in Transition: New York City as a Test Case" Kenneth Nilsen, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia "Maintaining the Irish Language in New br k" John Ridge, New York Irish History Roundtable "Irish County and Local Societies in New York" THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY 1914-1945 Stephen Erie, University of California, La Jolla: Overview Essay David Brundage, University of California, Santa Cruz The Irish Nationalist Movement in New York, 1900-1916" Marion R. Casey, New Ybrk University "Irish Social and Residential Mobility: From Manhattan to the Outer Boroughs" Joe Doyle, The New York Irish History Roundtable "1920 Longshore Strike and Irish Nationalism in New York" John McClymer, Assumption College, Worcester, MA "The 1917 Mayoral Campaign: Tammany, Civil Liberties and the Definition of Cultural Pluralism" THE MODERN ERA 1945-1990 David M. Reimers, New York University: Overview Essay Mary Corcoran, University College Dublin "An Ethnographic Study of Illegal Irish Immigrants in New York" Charles Fanning, Bridgewater State College, MA "The Persistence of Ethnic Identity: New York's Irish American Writers in the Post War Era" Rebecca Miller, "Irish Traditional Music and Dance and the Changing Irish American Identity" Robert Snyder, Gannett Center for Media Studies, Columbia University "Neighborhoods in Transition: Washington Heights and Inwood" APPENDICES John Ridge 56