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Author: Marion Casey

Publication Year: 1989

Journal Volume: 04

Article Reference: NYIHR-V04-07

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Spring Excursion To Brooklyn Greenwood Cemetery, 3 June 1989

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1989 New York Irish History Spring Excursion to Brooklyn Greenwood Cemetery 3 June 1989 William Theobald Wolfe Tone married Catherine Anne Sampson the only child of another '98 patriot, the lawyer William Sampson. Both Catherine and her only child Grace Georgina Tone Maxwell are buried in Greenwood. Grace raised seven Maxwell children on Washington Avenue in Brooklyn. The descendants of Wolfe Tone who now reside in the United States trace their lineage through her. Grace Maxwell's headstone is an intricately carved Celtic cross.

Leslie Shaw Dwinell, Finola Burke, Eileen Sullivan, John O'Connor, Trish Taylor, Margaret Kennedy, Joan Casey, Rona Holub (guide), Caroline Murphy, and Janice Dunham at tour's end.

NY1HR member Vincent Conlon searched out the burial plot of the descendants of the Irish patriot Theobald Wolfe Tone who was executed for his role in the 1798 Rebellion. He stands beside the grave marker of Wolfe Tone's widow, Matilda (1770-1849), who emigrated to New York in 1817 to join their only surviving child, William.

The memorial to DeWitt Clinton (1769-1828) commemorates his efforts to promote the construction of the Erie Canal in a frieze. Many an Irish emigrant labored on the canal. Clinton, of Irish (Co. Limerick) ancestry himself, was Mayor of New York City, Governor of New York State and a U.S. Senator.

Photos courtesy of Marion Casey