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Author: Terence Winch

Publication Year: 1998

Journal Volume: 12

Article Reference: NYIHR-V12-13

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Pete McNultys Cousin

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The McNulty Family were the big stars of Irish music in the fifties remember seeing them perform at the Leitrim House in Rockaway Ma McNulty played the accordion but she could only play in one key SO when the key changed she switched accordions Eileen McNulty couldn't sing all but she never let that stop her Pete McNulty was the real focus everyone loved him thought he was great he was the handsomest song and dance man in the whole circuit a met a nurse recently who told me she was Pete's cousin I believed her because she looked something like him god rest his soul was very impressed but it turned out she was only putting me on it depressed me because I really wanted her to be Pete McNulty's cousini Terence Winch Terence Winch, the son of Irish immigrants and a native of the Bronx, i. the author of two volumes of poetry, Irish Musicians/American Friends (1985), which won the American Book Award, and The Great Indoors (1985) as well as one volume of short stories, Contenders (1989). He held a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in poetry in 1992, the same year he made Irish America magazine's list of "Top 100 Irish Americans. ? As a performer and com poser, he has released three albums with the traditional Irish music band Celtic Thunder. He composed the song When New York Was Irish for their album The Light Of Other Days (Green Linnet, 1988). 00000000-00 Vol.12, 1998 NEW YORK 1R15H HISTORY PAGE 59 What I Hear My father's voice lost on the night of the dance. My mothersexy in red dress dancing on the sparks from his glance. Alone together in her pink smoke. While aunts and uncles, monsters with milky eyes,choked the skies.

In those days, everyone did last rites near Tremont Avenue. Guests rested in the parlor next to the saloon. And soon the waterfall in Bronx Park soothed our intoxicated hearts.

Near the Zoo I wandered through the dawn of St. Raymond's big gray rocks and remembered your songs, turntable spinning out those years of longing in your eyes and far away in Rockaway faint sounds of surf singing still in your ears salting our moony bodies in the wash and splash of the hot day, the radio crackling under that same sky and I swimming back to your open arms. - Terence Winch Photocollage by John Cavanagh ? 1998. Both published with the permission of Terence Winch. Pete McNulty's Cousin was originally published in Irish Musicians/ American Friends (1985). Vol.12, 1998